Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sorry to all you avid followers out there, all 3 of you, about the lateness of this match report. Too many late nights with Alberto and Andy.
OMG that sounds incredibly dodgy. I have been watching the Tour de France!!!!

Well what a wet and greasy old day it was on Saturday.
We came up against a really big side in United with our guys struggling again with the first up tackles.
United had two players who ran straight and hard and we struggled to put them on the deck time and time again.
Straight running is key on days like this! Travis showed how important it is when he drove up the middle of the field and set James up for his first of two tries.
Running sideways in wet conditions just makes you an easier target, as the wet ground slows everyone down.
great to see Jack getting stuck in and making some telling tackles. Luke has lifted his game again and Logan put his body on the line time and time again.
We will learn eventually that the ball when passed moves faster than the man and hopefully we will make those passes to put players outside us into space. Learning to set up tries is tough because all we want to do is run with the ball!
Blake continues to distribute the ball in tackles and Jiggs would have scored if not for Dad's honesty!!( No, well done Simon, appreciated your input)
Sam ran well again and John Luke was at his devastating best in the tackle and on the run. Ben,once again, covered a lot of ground running with the ball. Bailey continues to show his pace in bursts and when he focusses on his rugby he is a real match winner.

Final score United 30-us 20
Tries to James (2), John Luke, and Sam.

We have 3 games left in the regular season, that means at least 3 practices. Let's see if we can work on our passing and our first up tackling right up to the end of the season.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What a high scoring Match it was on Saturday. In fact everything was moving so quickly that I have only just settled down to write something at my computer. Some 3 days later!!
With the Ashley Team scoring 17 tries and the opposition scoring 14 attack and not defence was the name of the game. First up tackles were often missed and this contributed to a high scoring game. Jack scored a great try after a turn over from our team and I lost count how many Sam got! Jayden also got a good try using his speed to race to the corner and score.
Travis showed the level pf commitment we need by attempting to smash anything that had the ball and in some cases anything that didn't. Travis earned the Man of the match award. Blake's play making earned him the MVP award with his off loading skills coming to the fore. Luke ran well a with the ball in had and John- Luke was at his aggressive best in attack and defence. Ben and Bailey ran well again and showed plenty of pace. James showed that he is developing an all round game in attack and defence.
With the middle week of the school holidays off we will look to train again on the 15th before we play United.