Monday, June 27, 2011

Amberley 27 June.

Well after a game where we couldn't do a lot right we played a game where everything we touched turned to gold. Our tackling still wasn't great apart from Travis. The big plus from this game was the fact we had players organising. The talk off the ball was positive and we controlled the ball when we took it into contact. It was a great game and by half time we had already scored 13 tries. the Amberley defence improved in the second half and our scoring rate slowed a bit. Or was it the fact we had to run up hill, anyway we focussed more on passing the ball and this lead to one of out best tries of the season. John-Luke talked well and help organise us.

Ben showed us again he is really working hard on his rugby delivering the ball well from the base of the scrum and running well. Travis is becoming a real work horse, a bit of a Brad Thorn. Jacks's tackling is better every game and his work in rucks and mauls takes a step forward every week.

Jig's attacked the ball on the ground a great deal more than last week and when given a chance he showed us how well he can run.
Between them James and Callum had a bit of a try-fest with Callum getting 8 and James 5. Both boys are running well. We will be working on getting the pass and giving the pass to players in space this week cos when we do we can use our speed out wide.
Blake came close with some great support running and continues to show us his skills as he gets more involved.
We ripped the ball well and Sam showed his strength in this area. Some technical issues in the tackle for him have caused a wee bit of a concern but we will work on this area.

Bailey's speed hasn't been utilised this season just yet. He is at his best when he is running as a support player to the other team members as his pace is fantastic. Check out the photo above!!
Jayden has been thrown in the deep end by coming into the team halfway through the season but he is picking up the game one skill at a time.
Logan is working back to the form he showed in the Kaiapoi game when he tackled everything standing. His support play around the rucks and mauls is improving and when he runs he has a great turn of speed.

Lets hope we can maintain the momentum heading into the next game.
Thanks to Kathryn again for some great photos and Sue Kirwan, or someone Sue knows, who provided some footage as well.Thanks to all our supporters especially the ones who dont eat the special slice made for me!!!!!! Oh and Ned!!


The score board should have simply read Bugger!
We arrived at Mandeville but didn't come to play. It was not our best performance of the season and even though we tried really hard we just couldn't get a lot to work. The high light of the game would have to have been our last try.
Ben broke down the right hand touch line to pass back in field for John Luke to score. It was great to watch as it was a great example of what we can do when we support the ball carrier.
WE did learn today that if we don't make the first up tackles then we will struggle, especially against a side with pace.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Saracens Blue. 11/6/11

Today i reckon, we score our best team try of the season. It was in the second half and the ball went from Ben to John- Luke to Baily to Callum who scored!( or something like that)
It really makes you smile when this comes together.

Anyway, Sam had a great game and I hope this is just the start as he started to use his size and speed to do some damage. Check out the photo!!!

I was impressed with the driving of Travis and Logan. These boys bound and drove a number of times and it looked great. Travis continues to be one of the best tacklers in our side and his commitment is great!

Bailey showed his pace this week and his backing up was excellent. Ben scored a good supporting try and is working hard on his defence.

Our Player of the Day was Sam and most improved was Travis. Jiggy tackled and ran well and earned the best tackler award.
Tries to Callum 3
Sam 1
Ben 1
James 1

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The story continues.....

Okay so this is a bit out of sync but who cares. We have a list below of the games and the tries and we hope, well we are pretty sure we have got it pretty much right.

We have added a tackling prize to encourage the team to get stuck in as we all seem to love running with the ball but we are a bit gun shy in contact.THanks to Warwick and Sue Kirwan who have organised this prize.

I have added so great photos from Kathryn who is becoming a bit of a legend with the Box Brownie.

May 14th Glenmark/Cheviot HOME
Ashley 15 Glen/Chev 65
Most Improved Logan
Player Of the Day Travis
Tackler Jack

May 21st Oxford Black Home
Ashley 20 Oxford 45
Baily 1
Cullum 3

Most Improved Sam
POD James
Tackler Blake

28th May Oxford Red at Oxford
Ashley 20 Ox red 30
Cullum 2
James 2

Friday, June 3, 2011

Welcome to 2011

With the Ashley Website starting I thought this wouldn't be needed in 2011, I was wrong. I may try to link it with the Ashley Website but I reckon we will just stay here.
The season got off to a great start with the squad pretty much the same as last year, Callum coming in for Luke Gill.
Callum has added a great deal to the team with a good knowledge of the game, great elusive skills and speed!!!!!
All the boys have grown a great deal from last year with a greater level of running and definitely tackling. We saw the running ability when they blew Saracens Red of the park by 80 points. We area a team of runners but we still need to work on our contact areas.

Game 1 Hawarden United away game
Ashley 60 United 35
Baily 2
Callum 8
Logan 1
Jayden 1

Game 2 Kaiapoi away game
Ashley 25 Kaiapoi 25
Callum 4

Game 3 Oxford red Home game
Ashley 25 Oxford 30
Callum 4
Ben 1

Game 4 Saracens Red
Ashley 80 Saracens 0
Baily 2
Callum 5
Travis 1
John Luke 1
Jayden 1
James 3
Sam 3

We have since played Glenmark-Cheviot, Oxford Black and Oxford Red(ish) again.
The last Game against Oxford Red(ish) was a loss but what a turn around for the boys in the tackle area. We counter rucked our butts off and produced one of our finer efforts. I believe we can only go forward from here.

Both these photos show how we attacked the ruck ball. With the Oxford player on our side of the ruck after Callum and then James has tackled them and got to their feet to drive over the ball. Great listening guys!!!!

All our team are starting to run straighter lines with the ball, all we got to do now is look to off load the ball to a player in space, before we get tackled.