Monday, June 13, 2011

Saracens Blue. 11/6/11

Today i reckon, we score our best team try of the season. It was in the second half and the ball went from Ben to John- Luke to Baily to Callum who scored!( or something like that)
It really makes you smile when this comes together.

Anyway, Sam had a great game and I hope this is just the start as he started to use his size and speed to do some damage. Check out the photo!!!

I was impressed with the driving of Travis and Logan. These boys bound and drove a number of times and it looked great. Travis continues to be one of the best tacklers in our side and his commitment is great!

Bailey showed his pace this week and his backing up was excellent. Ben scored a good supporting try and is working hard on his defence.

Our Player of the Day was Sam and most improved was Travis. Jiggy tackled and ran well and earned the best tackler award.
Tries to Callum 3
Sam 1
Ben 1
James 1

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