Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ashley Blue 2

Well Saturday took us back to the mighty Loburn domain for club day. We had practised during the week at getting the ball through the backs with Callum looping around to take the last pass. How happy were the coaches when the first try went like this; Jiggy hooks the ball, Blake controls it at the back of the scrum for Ben to get a great pass to Callum. Callum passes to James who straightens the back-line and passes to John-Luke who runs into space only to give the final pass to Callum who scores in the corner. It would make even Graham Henry smile.
Jayden had his best game of the season running in the open linking his passes with other team mates.
Our goal was to drive past the ball on the ground and we managed to do this for most of the game. Our control around the tackle area is starting to get better and if we continue to seal the ball off it gives us more time to set up our runners in the back-line. Bailey was picked as player of the day by James Lowe who is hooker for the North Canterbury team. His discipline continues to improve every game.
John Luke Tackled well and was great at cleaning out rucks. his running is getting better every game.
Callum has really improved his tackling and is growing in confidence in this area. His elusive running and speed is amazing. He has added so much to our team with his pace and skill this year.
Jiggy was more aggressive in all his game this week. His tackling and running all had purpose.
Travis ran aggressively and his work around the field tackling and wrestling the ball back is often missed. In the weekend three times his strength turned the ball over for us and we scored tries. he did all the hard work and someone else finished it off. It is why its a team game.9 players doing the work for the 10th player to score.
Logan worked well in the lose and in the open. He is running straighter and really enjoying the contact.
Blake broke the drought,scored a great try, and played his best game of the season. His work at halfback late in the second half was impressive.
Ben controlled the direction of play from thr base of the scrum and lineout well this week. His confidence in the tackle continues to grow and we have photographic proof.
James ran well and he tackles well most weeks.His work over the tackled ball is a strength in his game.
Well done guys and you deserved your 65 to 5 win.

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