Thursday, July 7, 2011

Glenmark Cheviot

Well on the latest adventure we travelled 100kms to the friendly village of Cheviot.
This was a big game for the boys as we had received a thorough pants down in the first meeting.
It was a fine day and the ground conditions were pretty good. Only thing to moan about was the length of grass but it aint Murrayfield.
Glenmark-Cheviot got off to an easy start as we chose not to commit to first up tackles. As soon as we learn to use our shoulders in tackles and not our fingers things will get a lot better and we wont have to try to win games from being down by 4 soft tries.
James and Travis played rugged games and were very physical in their approach to the opposition. These boys top the tackle count most weekends and can be counted on to run hard and straight.Passing was also a something these lads did to get our other players into space.
Congratulations to Callum who has now score a total of 42 tries for the season. That takes hime to 210 points plus GST and we still have a few games to go. His speed and elusive running is vital to our team. We did notice a few times on Saturday he was tackled and had no support. Come on the rest of us, get up there and help.
Jiggy is enjoys his new found role as hooker. He is keen and willing in exchanges and showed on Saturday he doesn't mind the physical contest. It took a we while for John-Luke to get into Saturdays game. He plays well and once he had switched on ran and passed well. Logan had a few opportunities to run but every week he adds another few tackles to his weekly count.
Ben ran well, when running straight, and distributed wonderfully from the base of the scrum. His tackling gets better every game as his confidence grows. Jack drove very well on Saturday he made sure that he hung on to the ball in contact and when given a chance stretched his legs to remind us why they call him Forrest!!

Blake had limited opportunities but is also increasing his tackle count throughout the game. When he runs straight he has the speed and the footwork to stretch any defence. When he arrived Sam used his size and strength to make an impact on the game. He ran hard and straight and worked well off the ball.
Bailey is fast, there is no denying that! We just need to get him into positions where he can stretch his legs and run around the opposition defensive screens. Bailey has improved in his discipline this year and is maturing into a very skilled rugby player. Jayden continues to improve with each game. Focussing on developing his skills is the target for the rest of the year as the season starts to wind down.
Thanks to all the parents and supporters who made the journey north last Saturday the boys really appreciate it. A Friday night game this week!!We need to up our skill level again and remember to drive past the ball on the ground and not attempt to pick it up if we are in a bad position. See you all Friday night.

The score was 45 to 20 with Callum scoring 3 tries and Ben 1.
Player of the Day Bailey
Most Improved Jayden
Tackler Logan

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