Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Friday Night Football.

It was great to be back under lights at the Loburn domain. I had recovered enough from last years mental scarring that I could ref and thoroughly enjoyed the blow out and a few quiet drinks afterwards and the fish and chips!(Thanks to Peta and everyone who helped feed the mob on Friday)
We played a great team game and the passing and support play was very good. All players were involved and thanks to Jayden, Callum and James who played for the opposition without any,(well maybe a little) protesting.

Tries came thick and fast and to the best of our knowledge these were the try scorers,
Callum - 5
James - 5
John-Luke - 1
Bailey - 1
Jigs - 1
Ben - 2
Please if this information is not accurate and you are desperate to get it updated let me know please.

It must be emphasised though that to score the tries there have to be players doing the hard work to get the ball for us. Many tries were score after someone else had work us into a position to score or turned the ball over or fought hard to get it off an opposition player. Don't forget that this is a team game and we need each other.

I though our second phase stuff was good, with players cleaning out rucks and mauls very well. We protected the ball on the ground and we will have to continue to to improve in this area. If we do this part well it gives our speedsters more room to move.

One area we will be working on this Thursday is running straight as we still want to run sideways to go forward. It makes no sense when writing and reading this so why do we do it on the field.
We play the Ashley Blue side again this weekend. The worst thing we could do is relax because of the Friday night result.We need to build on the stuff we have learned this season with only two games, and the Amberley game left to go.

Please show up to training ready to go. This is not job for parents but up to you the players to organise. Mouthguard ,boots etc are required for practice, so players get it sorted!!

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